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Residential Dog Training

Training for your home in our home

Residential Training

Full Time Training and Care for Your Dog

Residential training provides your dog with intensive, full time professional training. A fast track to success, your dog has plenty of potential to learn and understand commands, and my techniques will lay the foundation for you. I combine your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your dog. Benefits include hours of hard work to gain results, no human error (a mistimed reward can create confusion about what it is we are asking). This intensive course is ideal for 

Loose Lead Walking

House Manners

Greeting Guests/not jumping up

Chasing and recall

Reactivity and aggression towards other dogs or people


Professionals on hand full time

As we train dogs all day, every day, we are extremely experienced and in tune with dogs and able to react to the slightest signals with precision timing, something which may take a long time for non-professional handlers to develop an eye for.

Intensive training

With residential dog training, dogs are intensively trained daily, meaning that there is real quality time being spent on any issues or behaviour being trained. Training classes and 1-2-1 have their place for certain scenarios, but many aspects of training and behaviour modification simply need time, which means good progress cannot be made in one hour, once per week for example. Most owners lead busy lives, with work of family life often limiting time which can be spent training.

Restoring owner confidence

Often owners will lose their confidence with their dogs, which can make training and walking their dog stressful times. With issues like reactivity and recall, owner's nerves/frustration can make an already difficult situation worse. Anxiety can be transmitted down the lead or through their voice. When the issues are solved, owners often find they have much more confidence to continue the training, feeling they have a lot more control.


Dog switches back to old routine- unwanted behaviours return

If a dog is put straight back into an old routine, without upkeep of rules set while away on residential training, it is possible that the dog can get back into the old routine of behaviours, or unwanted behaviour can gradually return. How quickly this happens is really down to the dog, but we make sure we give our clients a quality handover, so they are aware of what continuation work they will need to do to keep the behaviour they want to see, and keep in touch by telephone and/or email in order to deal with any issues which may arise.

Owner separation anxiety

Residential dog training means your dog will be staying with us for the duration of his training, which can be very difficult for owners being without their family member for a length of time. We keep in touch with regular updates via messages, photos and videos to try to combat this.


Though we are very competitive in our rates, due to the time and work involved in residential training, the cost can be prohibitive for some clients. 


What can you work on with my dog during his residential training stay?

We can work on anything you need us too, we commonly work on loose lead walking, recall and reactivity, but also train anything from basic manners to high level obedience.

How much does residential dog training cost and how long will my dog need to stay with you?

The duration of a residential stay is totally dependant on the dog and the training required. Please do feel free to give us a call to discuss your individual requirements.

How many training sessions will my dog get per day?

As we train dogs to customer requirements, the amount of training a dog receives during the day will depend on what we are working on. For example, imprinting new behaviour is often best learnt over multiple short sessions, so we may do 5-6 short 15 minute sessions during the day. If we are working on something like loose leash walking, we may go on long walks rather than short sessions.

How many dogs do you train at one time?

We are a small business and to ensure quality we keep our numbers low, usually a couple at any time.

Can I come and see my dog while in training?

We ask that clients do not come to visit their dog during their residential stay, as this can be unsettling for the dog. We endeavour to keep you totally up to date through videos, photos, phone calls and update messages.

Do you make any guarantees?

Though we always work our hardest, it is not possible to guarantee results with residential training, all dogs are different. 

Are you able to accommodate medication/special dietary requirements?

Absolutely, just let us know before your dogs stay to ensure we are up to date about any special requirements.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements for a quote and recommended length of stay.

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